Rodent Proofing


Performing a clean-up of your attic is a fantastic start to protecting the safety of your family and home, but the threat of rodents doesn’t end there. Unfortunately, rodents (like rats and mice) have the ability to repopulate and reappear in your attic even after a thorough cleaning. Why is this? Rodents can be very resourceful when it comes to hiding places and finding entry points into your home. Even after a deep cleaning, rodents can quickly come back into your home and spread disease.

But Attic Heroes is here to save the day! Our staff members are experts at finding evidence of where rodents in your home like to eat, sleep, and defecate. We are fully equipped to find any and all entry points that rats and mice can use to enter your home and make sure that they can never use them again. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has shown that rat-proofing programs, like the one offered by Attic Heroes, have shown positive outcomes in public health.

Simply “plugging the hole” that mice and rats use to enter your home is not enough to prevent them from using those entry points again, which is why experts, such as our staff, are normally required to solve these issues. In many cases, additional insulation installation is necessary and Attic Heroes is ready to provide that high-quality service to you at the lowest cost you will find. We’ll make sure you get the most bang for your buck!

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